Adult Suitable Jungle - Obstacle Course

Adult Suitable Jungle - Obstacle Course

£150 (up to 4 hours)

£200 (full day hire, over 4 hours)

This Adult Suitable Jungle Themed Obstacle Course Bouncy Castle is perfect for all ages and guarantees a day of endless fun. Whether you're hosting a birthday party or any other special event, this massive inflatable castle will provide entertainment for the whole family. With its jungle theme, it creates an exciting atmosphere that transports you to a wild adventure. Jump, slide, and crawl through the various obstacles, testing your agility and strength. The vibrant colours and sturdy construction ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. So gather your friends and loved ones and bounce the day away in this thrilling jungle obstacle course bouncy castle!

Castle : 42ft x 11ft x 12.5ft (L/W/H)

Required Size : Min - 52ft x 21ft x 12.5ft (L/W/H)

Access required : Min - 4ft

*All sizes are approximate


  • Indoors on hard surfaces 👍

  • Outdoors on grass 👍

  • Outdoors on hard surfaces ❌

  • Shower / Sun cover 👍

  • Children age 1-11 years old 👍

  • Adults 👍