Gamers Combi - Bouncy Castle

Gamers Combi - Bouncy Castle

£80 (up to 4 hours)

£120 (full day hire, over 4 hours)

The Gamers themed bouncy castle with slide combi is the perfect entertainment option for children. This colourful inflatable attraction provides hours of fun and excitement for kids at any event or party. With its vibrant design featuring popular game characters, it captures the attention of young ones instantly. The bouncy castle offers a safe and secure environment for children to jump and bounce freely, promoting physical activity and exercise. The addition of a slide adds an extra element of thrill and adventure, allowing children to slide down and experience an exciting descent. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are entertained and having a blast in this age-appropriate inflatable castle.

Castle : 17ft x 15ft x 10.5ft (L/W/H)

Required Size : Min - 27ft x 22ft x 10.5ft (L/W/H)

Access required : Min - 3ft

*All sizes are approximate


  • Indoors on hard surfaces 👍

  • Outdoors on grass 👍

  • Outdoors on hard surfaces ❌

  • Shower / Sun cover 👍

  • Children age 1-11 years old 👍

  • Adults ❌