Monster Truck Themed - Air Juggler

Monster Truck Themed - Air Juggler

£50 (up to 4 hours)

£75 (full day hire, over 4 hours)

The Monster Truck Themed Air Juggler Ball Pit is an amazing addition to any party or playtime activity. This ball pit is perfect for those who love monster trucks and car themes as it brings a whole new level of fun and excitement. The vibrant and colourful design captures the imagination of little ones, taking them to a magical world. The air juggler feature adds an extra thrill as kids toss and catch the soft balls floating in the air. It's not only fun but also promotes hand-eye coordination, keeping children entertained for hours. Whether it's a birthday party or a playdate, children of all ages will surely love this monster truck-themed ball pit.

Air Juggler : 6ft x 6ft (LxW)

Required Size : Min - 12ft x 10ft (LxW)

Access required : Min - 2ft

*All sizes are approximate


  • Indoors on hard surfaces 👍

  • Outdoors on grass 👍

  • Outdoors on hard surfaces ❌

  • Shower / Sun cover N/A

  • Children age 1+ 👍

  • Adults ❌